Small Business Startup (US Citizens, LPR's, and Non-US Citizens)

A Certificate of Formation/Authority

An LLC, corporation, or other legal entity must be formed in NJ or in the case of a business formed outside of NJ, authorized to conduct business in NJ by the NJ Department of Treasury’s Division of Revenue.

Forming your Entity within New Jersey requires you to complete New Jersey's Online Business Formation Service application. A NJ based (domestic) business is then issued a Certificate of Formation. A business formed outside the state of NJ (a foreign business) that seeks authorization to conduct business in NJ follows the same procedure but will be selecting foreign instead of domestic business entity.

Registering For Tax and Withholding Purposes.

Once you have received your Certificate of Formation/authorization, you must then obtain a Business Registration Certificate (BRC) by completing the Online NJ-REG form.

Obtaining the Certificate of Formation/Authority

There are things you will need to complete this step.

1. Out of State (Foreign) Corporations only, need a Certificate of Good Standing ( a.k.a Certificate of Status) from your home state. This is not required for LLC’s or other legal entities.

2. You will need to designate a Registered Agent to represent your company. A registered agent receives official papers and legal documents on behalf of your company. The registered agent must be located in New Jersey. Many business owners prefer to use a registered agent service rather than take on this role themselves; this is especially true of out of state businesses with out of state owners.

3. Employer Identification Number (EIN) Issued by the IRS the EIN is a 9-digit number commonly called your Federal Tax ID number. This will be the same number on file with your home state.

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